Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ:

Many wonderful blessings have taken place through all these years. Signs, miracles and wonders have been given us by our Lord Jesus Christ through this ministry "Los Milagros de Cristo" and are still being witnessed.

The word of God tells us that all ministry comes from God. Many have been touched, healed and brought back to Christ Jesus. We praise God today for you and your loved ones who have shared in this ministry through the Altar "Los Milagros de Cristo."

Through this ministry of Catholic Evangelization, I have learned that we as Catholics are troubled by our own watered down faith and confused in regards to our Catholic religion. The result is a weakened down gospel, no longer able to fully extend God's saving grace to those who are searching for the truth.

For many years through this store front ministry of "Los Milagros de Cristo," we have served many of God’s children, in which I have seen and heard my brothers and sisters cry out in hunger for the truth. I believe God has brought us to a point of growth.

This ministry "Los Milagros de Cristo" offers the love of God, and the healing power of Jesus to comfort and free those who are most afflicted.

With permission plans are in order to add on to "Milagros de Cristo" building, the new addition will be dedicated to"St. Francis of Assisi " As an independent lay association we will be doing apostolic work within the Austin diocesan area. It will provide more Catholic evangelization activities in the area of Cristo Rey Church.

Activities we are now doing:

It is hoped that the fruit of the work of this center, will be able to lead people to a more active participation in the faith life of their own local parish.

We have a Catholic Lay Evangelist team called "El Grupo Los Milagros de Cristo" each one has their own God given talent ready to serve the Body of Christ. Some graduated from El Hogar del Pueblo and are certified through the Diocese of Austin. They are committed and willing to serve as a corp community of volunteer part-time Catholic Lay Evangelists for ministry in teaching on an adult level as well as that of youth level.

The willingness and love of these Catholic Lay Evangelists to work together in faith and love at "Los Milagros de Cristo Evangelization Center" is quite genuine.

My wife and I have lived in the eastside community all of our lives. We have a vacant lot which has become part of the non-profit organization "Los Milagros de Cristo" for the betterment of our community. Locating at 2608 and 2604 East 4th St., will bring the visible ministry of Jesus into our eastside barrio.

Since our area is poor, many of our residents are on fixed or low incomes, monetary donations by area residents have been exhausted. We must now go outside the community to ask for donations for the ministry and the center, which will benefit not just the area, but the entire city. We are not financially supported by any denomination or group. Our efforts are for the entire community.

You can spread the Light of Christ, and join us, We've found that the worst type of poverty is not material-it's spiritual. Through out the years of evagelization I have learned "Once you've fed a person's spirit, they can help themselves and their brothers" So please pray for us, and consider lending your financial support for this urgent need. Our efforts will become a reality only through your help.

We are asking for you financial support. Will you help us to continue in our Lord's work for the betterment of the community.

Again many thanks to you and your loved ones for your support and prayers so that we may continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry "Los Milagros de Cristo" May all the blessings of our Savior, Jesus Christ, be yours at all times and may His Divine Love be upon you.

God Bless,

Robert & Roberta Morales