Robert Morales Jr. is my name, On July 3, 1974 I was in a very bad accident. It was on the job area. I worked for the City of Austin as a lineman helper. I was severely electrocuted Seventy-Two Hundred volts passed through my body. I remember as I turned to work on the wire, not knowing the electricity was still on. I didn't have on protective gloves, all I had on were my working gloves. As I untied the number six wire, I felt the surge going through my body. All I could hear was a loud humming and I could see myself all in blue. I couldn't holler out so I climbed as high as I could go up the pole and I was carrying the hot phase on the inside of my left arm. I looked toward the sky and I extended my right hand toward the sky. I asked GOD to take my life and I would be happy because he took it. Right then I heard an explosion and I fell backwards. I just hung there with my safety belt around the braces, that's what kept me from falling to the ground. I never lost consciousness of myself. Right then and there I gave thanks to GOD for his decision of letting me live once again. Out of this bad accident, I lost my left hand, left foot and I was burned on other areas of my body.

I praise our GOD for letting me live once again. I was reborn, I had to learn how to eat, dress, walk and most important to learn about our GOD. As time passed I did well, I got around in a wheelchair and every morning I prayed to our Lord and I asked our Lord to let me walk once again. But this time He was to be my light and guide toward my Father in heaven. September 27, 1974 I was to be at the doctors office for a blood check. This was going to determine if I was to go into the hospital or not.

Everything came out fine, but the beautiful miracle started to appear. As we returned home my wife told me that there seemed to be a cross appearing on the back of my wheelchair. When we arrived at home my dad and wife brought the wheelchair in the house and it was unfolded. On the back of it the Holy Cross and something else was appearing. That day was one of the happiest days in our lives.This is a miracle from the Lord, the chair itself should not be worshiped as a GOD. Be respected for it's a symbol of GOD.In 1975 the miracle was presented at a Catholic Church then taken out of town. On both occasions, the chair was damaged on the left wing of the Holy Spirit. Since then it has not been taken out, until 1979, when a Pentecostal Church also presented the chair as a miracle from GOD

GOD speaks to man in his dreams, Job 33:13-17, Daniel 2:19, After the miracle appeared the Lord gave me a dream. I dreamed of an altar, three different times I dreamed this same altar. I have finally fulfilled the dream GOD had given me by building this altar. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior toward my father in heaven. Even up to now something else is appearing on the top left corner and other areas on the back of the wheelchair. This is a movement I cannot explain, my faith is on GOD. He has everything in Hand.

Our Father in Heaven , I pray in Jesus Holy name that you bless everyone who comes in faith to visit this Holy altar.


Robert Morales Jr .