Miracles Flowed After Near-Electrocution

September 27, 1974

The Lord Jesus blessed us with the first sign and wonder, a cross and a dove appeared (imprint) on the back leather flap of my wheelchair. After all these years the images are still visible, as well as other images are taking place.


May 21, 2003

Our Lord Jesus Christ blessed us with a second sign and wonder, a picture of the sacred heart of Jesus bled from his forehead down to his beard. He has bled at least three times.

February 2008

Image of the the Crucified Christ, began weeping February 2008


January 12, 2007

John & Katie Riley from Memphis, TN visited "Los Milagros De Cristo" Shrine after receiving a miraculous miracle. They took photos of the miracle on the wheelchair and also took a photo of Robert Morales Jr. in front of the Altar. When the photos were developed, a miracle had occurred on the photo that was taken of Robert. The Image of the Crucified Christ had appeared with the wording " I AM "


Exodus 4:14-15 St. Mark 15:62 St. John 18:5-8

All Glory Goes To GOD!