Name :   conrad arrambide
Comment :   I, Martie Villalobos, pray for my good friend, Conrad Arrambide who has diabetes and bad nerve endings in his feet. I have visited with you several years ago and am planning on visiting you next week.
Name :   Margarita Solimine
Comment :   I want to thank you guys or coming and praying for my niece Julie to return home safe & soon.Please continue to Pray for the Soto family we are feelings every emotion. THanks
Name :   Victor M. Sevier
Comment :   Hello Roberto and Roberta! Challenges in life, I just read your testimonial story of your electricution. Wow, what a witness to others if they just read your website. As we talked yes there are signs from the 100 plus earthquakes that are occuring daily.
Name :   manuel antonio
Comment :   milagros de cristo
Name :   tom henry
Comment :   this was awesome
Name :   Susan Whittle
Comment :   I found your website through Fr. Joe Whalens. You have some of the most beautiful pictures of Christ I have ever seen. They touched me so much they brought tears to my eyes. God bless you in your ministry. I live in Denver amd I hope some day I can travel
Name :   kim mulholland
Comment :   hi robert i thank you for your prayers and support for my dad and my family, i will keep you in my prayers also, i have realy enjoyed your website that is a beautiful thing you done sharing this with everyone, i will keep in touch and send you my email ad
Name :   kim mulholland
Comment :   hi robert i thank you for your prayers and support for my dad and my family, i will keep you in my prayers also, i have realy enjoyed your website that is a beautiful thing you done sharing this with everyone, i will keep in touch and send you my email ad
Name :   linn
Comment :   please pray that my son is healed emotionally and spiritually. thank you for this beautiful web site. god bless you and your family.
Name :   Tom
Comment :   Please pray for my students. I teach at a middle school and have many Hispanic students and non-Hispanic students that are really struggling with issues that people at any age should not have to deal with. Thank You and God Bless, Adios, Tom
Name :   Jesse Herrera jr
Comment :   sup
Name :   D Arce
Comment :   Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior!!
Name :   big john
Comment :   i would like to thank u for talking to me on jan 15 09 robert i will keep u and your family in my prayers .please do the same my friend .god bless u
Name :   El amor triunfara
Comment :   La paz de cristo como esta
Name :   ?????
Comment :   please keep me and my family in your prayers.... most of all please pray 2 keep the evil away from us....thank you and god bless
Name :   flora pastoril luis
Comment :   I could relate to the experience of roberto. I had a similar experience a year ago. God bless us all!
Name :   The Nilsen Family
Comment :   God bless this WORLD.
Name :   cristiana rickard
Comment :   Thank you for your prayers Robert.
Name :   Sandra Haeber
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Name :   gaby
Comment :   quiero la letra del coro no somos de aqui
Name :   Mary Jenkins
Comment :   Enjoyed your website.
Name :   Jesusa Estella Gonzalez
Comment :   I thank God for all that he does for you because of your great faith. May He continue to bless you and yours.
Name :   linda gaspar
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Name :   jim
Comment :   Great website
Name :   Gloria Espinoza
Comment :   I just heard about your website today, Oct.3, 2007. Please pray for may father,Ramon who is having surgery this week. We are praying that his cancer be removed and for him to return to his active life.Thank you...From our loving family to yours....
Name :   Gloria Espinoza
Comment :   I just heard about your web site
Name :   jose pascual
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Name :   Delia Ramirez Soto
Comment :   Thank you so much for sharing your website with my family and I. Gods blessings continue to you and yours from your cousins in Bee County.
Name :   De Wilde Mariejo
Comment :   I love Jesus Christ for my life
Name :   Samuel Hernandez, Jr.
Comment :   Dad, its been 50 days. My heart is in 50 pieces. I find myself looking for the phone to call you, only to realize I cant call you anymore. I need help daddy! I had so much to say and Im sorry I couldnt find the right words while we were together. God has
Name :   Samuel Hernandez, Jr.
Comment :   Hello Robert, I wanted to send you thanks for all the prayers and advice. I wish you well and pray that this message finds you in good health and in happiness. Please pass on my love to Roberta. Hugs & Prayers
Name :   Julietta Ferreira
Comment :   I am a 40 yr. old widow, who lost my beloved husband Sidney in a Car Accident. Please Pray for me.May God Bless You. Julietta Ferreira 1262 South Forest Knoll Street Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (760)375-7848
Name :   Pilar
Comment :   Please pray for my mother,paralized since 3/28/05 due to stroke,left side...may God grant her the ability to walk and move her arm...IN HIS TIME,that he grants me the gift of charity to care for her MORE...God Bless
Name :   Regina
Comment :   Love the song and the picture. I leave it playing many times on my computer. Thank you.
Name :   margie maltese
Comment :   The joy of the Lord is yours,i have read your story and you are blessed,the wonderful pictures,you have a beautiful Shrine,whatever is from the Lord Jesu is Miraculious,i ask my family and myself are in your prayers,thank you for sharing this is so beauti
Name :   Gisele Cormier
Comment :   Thank you for sharing your faith and more with me - I am also a christian and am living my faith and struggling - it is true that He said He would always be with us - Amen!
Name :   sara soto
Comment :   hello roberto, peace be with you and your family. may God bless you and your work. sara toledo ohio
Name :   Friar Francis Vincent Gigliotti
Comment :   Keep up the good work of the Lord in this web site. God Bless Let us pray for each other.
Name :   Viviane
Comment :   I need to know more of your story and ask you if you would pray for my friends daughter who is severely depressed and will have electroshock treatment for that. Please pray with and fo r Mary she needs to be healed. I left a message on your voice mai
Name :   Linda Alicea
Comment :   Thank you for the special annointed web page you can feel the presence of our Lord. May the Lord continue to bless you. I have set your web page as a favorite. I am a convert to the Catholic faith. I converted from the Assembly of God faith in 2001. I fee
Name :   marietherese@sbcglobal,net
Comment :   Robert and Roberta....The beautiful day of recognition for all your dedication to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to His Beautiful Mother...Our today and forever...O Blessed God be the Glory.
Name :   Marie
Comment :   Hello, Robert.I wanted to ask for your help in praying for my self and my family.Thank you.
Name :   Janet Maciel
Comment :   Sharing your miracle with my son.
Name :   saul sanchez
Comment :   I always feel an anoiting and a great inspiration and feel the Holy Spirit when I enter the chapel of the Milagros. I thank the Lord for such a wonderful and blessed family of the Morales.
Name :   mary nelson
Comment :   i spoke to you on 1 29 07 please keep me and my family in your prayers. i hope to visit your shrine soon. god bless you
Name :   Samantha
Comment :   Thank you for the time and prayers you have offered for my family. You are a blessing and we are thankful for the many miracles we have received through your ministry.
Name :   Carol Slater
Comment :   Thank you for spreading Gods word. I suffer from Cancer and have asked Our Lady of Guadalupe to cure me, along with my Special Devotion to the Devine Mercy I try my best to say daily, please pray for me and my husband who has heart disease abd diabetes.
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Comment :   hoooooooola
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