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Name :   50 Cent
Comment :   I came by chance but wanted to say its very nice u have this site
Name :   LINDA H
Comment :   
Name :   Isabel (Ysa) Cavazos
Comment :   Thank you for your prayers. Hope to see you soon.
Name :   M.Oralia C. Garcia
Comment :   Thank you for praying for me over the phone. May God bless you for your beautiful prayer. I felt much peace.
Name :   Brenna Moisant
Comment :   Beautiful message! I shared the postcard with my co-workers this morning, but have shared your story for years. I guess proof is in the pudding because they were so amazed at the picture of the blessed miracle and have begun to share this website with oth
Name :   Dave Kelly
Comment :   I never heard of this place in Austin and I have lived here since 1966. People are not spreading the WORD of God.
Name :   Ida Cruz
Comment :   I love the web site. The music is very touching. Thank you for praying with me for my requests. With you, a man of God, by my side how can my prayer requests not be answered positively. Im believing in miracles.
Name :   Gloria h. Ramirez
Comment :   I thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon you and Roberta, and the reminder that He thirsts for our soul, He the Stream of Living Waters!
Name :   Delia Hernandez
Comment :   I would like to give thanks and praise to Jesus our Lord for saving me twenty-four years ago. I especially thank Robert and Roberta for opening their doors, not just to me, but to all who enter la capillita. May God bless you abundantly.
Name :   Samuel T. Hernandez
Comment :   Robert/Roberta: Thank you for being there for us and for all the things you have done for our family. May God bless Los Milagros de Cristo and all your family.
Name :   Delia Hernandez
Comment :   I would like to give thanks and praise to Jesus our Lord for saving me twenty-four years ago. I especially thank Robert and Roberta for opening their doors, not just to me, but to all who enter la capillita. May God bless you abundantly and reward you a h
Name :   luis
Comment :   musica
Name :   Gilbert & Berta Flores
Comment :   Robert & Roberta, We are from St. Anthonys Robstown, Tx. We have heard so much of you. We have friends that have gone to visit you for healing prayers. You have also come to see the Healing Tree in Concepcion, Tx. We were there this past weekend, they
Name :   Allison
Comment :   Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful site.
Name :   James Jonse
Comment :   Robert & Roberta , thank you for allowing God to use you guys in an awesome way , and keeping the ministry alive. Again, Thank You. Love, Bro. in Christ James Jonse
Name :   Mel Swoyer
Comment :   I met Robert Morales, Jr., lay evangelist for Jesus Christ, on May 3, 2005. He and his wife are faithfully serving the living Christ. God bless his ministry. Dios te bendiga. Tu Hermano en Cristo, The Rev. Mel Swoyer, Austin, Texas
Name :   Margaret Martinez
Comment :   I need your prayers.
Name :   Ben & Edna Figueroa
Comment :   Robert&Roberta, Praise the Lord for your ministry. We were inspired by our visit to your Shrine. Assuredly, we are deciples of Christ if we choose to follow him. Merry Christmas.
Name :   rose
Comment :   please pray that i find a job where the people are caring and nice ,god bless
Name :   rose
Comment :   please pray that i can be healed of drinking .god bless rose
Name :   Robin
Comment :   J+M+J Dear Robert and Roberta, God Bless you and keep you! You have a beautiful website. God gives you Miracles and you share them with the world. Bravo! May Our Lord and Lady continue to bless you & shine through you! Peace be with you.
Name :   Al Hoernschemeyer
Comment :   Very Good, as I to was a lineman and worked on 7,200 v and above most of my life, and came close a few time, but God was with me
Name :   Inez Reyes
Comment :   Robert and Roberta great job on this web page. I know it was God. Continue on for He has great things for those who believe!alleluia
Name :   David
Comment :   
Name :   kevin coady
Comment :   its a miracle that you lived to tell about it.
Name :   Christina Marez
Comment :   With God you have everything
Name :   Pauline Foo
Comment :   Beautiful testimony. Alleluia! Praise God.
Name :   Linda
Comment :   Praise to God that HE has touched you... continue your mission.
Name :   John DeGuzman
Comment :   Thank you both for this site, it was very inspiering for me. I too am trying to compleate a small chapel. I have given my life to Jesus, and yes, I did live a a very bad life. I am sure that my conversion is because of prayers from good folks like you am
Name :   Samantha Sustaita
Comment :   Thank you both for always being there for our family. I pray that the Lord Bless both of you for the time and prayers youve given and said for my family. I love you guys! Your website is beautiful! Love, Samantha
Name :   Alicia Hidrogo
Comment :   Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and God bless you for all you do. May the good Lord keep you and all of us in His sacred heart.
Name :   Emma Navarro
Comment :   Dear Robert, It was a pleasure to meet you and enter your religious home. Im very appreciative for your beautiful stories and the time you lent us. We definately intend to go back. May God bless you and your family.
Name :   syliva and frank hernandez jr
Comment :   i would like to thank you robert and roberta for having this website for all to see it helps me during hard times and good times god bless you two
Name :   Donna Green
Comment :   What a beautiful sight. I am so glad to see you have it up and running. Ill be visiting frequently to see all the latest updates. May God Bless you both (Robert and Roberta)!
Name :   Frank & Mary Cruz
Comment :   Good morning Bro. Robert and Roberta. Thank you so much for keeping us in your mailing list. Your website is beautiful. I am viewing it from my job site, Sta. Julia, but I will showing it to Frank at home. May God continue to bless you and Roberta in your
Name :   Cynthia Rodriguez Klassen
Comment :   To my dear cousins of the Faith (Robert and Roberta)...I am so happy and overjoyed to see this wonderful website, it give me true comfort.....Boo did a fantastic job a true touch of the holy spirit... My father, Aristeo Rodriguez has been diagnoised with
Name :   Donna Machala
Comment :   Los Milagros de Cristo is a gift from the Lord.Everyone pray the rosary and wear the brown scapular.Fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.Thanks be to God
Name :   Mary Ann Serrano
Comment :   Beutiful site, I am sharing with my frieds......
Name :   paul&Linda Cruz
Comment :   Enjoyed all the beautiful colors and pictures in web site especilally the sacred heart brought a certain glow and warm feeling thru us,God Bless you and your family,I believe it was meant for us to get together and share some feelings.
Name :   vicente melendez
Comment :   yo doy gracias al senor por abrirme el corzon. para ser mas prudente con mis companeros de trabajo
Name :   Sammy Hernandez, Jr.
Comment :   Hi there Robert! Long time no see. I will be making a visit very, very soon. I feel the Spirit calling on me and I want so much to be obedient. Please accept my condolences for your recent loss. My heart and prayers go out to you and yours in Jesus name.
Name :   weezy ramos
Comment :   Hi birda, I just looked at the website it is wonderful. It was good to see you on Fathersday week-end. I will try to see you soon.
Name :   Frank E. Campos
Comment :   Congratulations on a God inspired and wonderful website. Los Milagros de Cristo continues to bless through many of Gods miracles the lives of many in the world. May God continue to bless your work and ministry.
Name :   Carlos & Cindy Frausto
Comment :   You have a beautiful christian website. Thank you for sharing it.
Name :   Louis Zavala
Comment :   God Bless you my brother.
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